9 x 4 metre pool. Outside shower with WC.

Grande Bajo


Stylish, comtemporary villa set in a well estabished Mediterranean garden with fantastic mountain views, magic sunsets and vistas to the sea and Africa on a clear day. WOW effect.

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Loma-huvila vuokrattavana alueella: Canillas de Aceituno


140 m²







  • Yksityinen uima-allas
  • Wi-fi
  • 56 m² terassialue
  • Patio
  • Kattoikkuna
  • Puutarha
  • Aurinkotuolit
  • 4 WC:tä

Lentoasema (Málaga)

50 kilometriä


15 kilometriä


15 kilometriä


7 kilometriä


Stylish, comtemporary villa set in a well estabished Mediterranean garden with fantastic mountain views, magic sunsets and vistas to the sea and Africa on a clear day. WOW effect.

If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful, relaxing villa look no further. Sip cocktails on the roof terrace watching the sun set behind the mountains in a blaze of red, yellow and pink and watch as the sky lights up with a multitude of stars. You are high up in the mountains in the Real Spain, driving on mountain tracks alongside the goat herders with their famous flocks producing Chivo which is ...
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Rekisteröity loma-asunto - ID 40677


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Tietoja henkilöstä Julia

Ilmoitus julkaistu elo 2017


2 arviointia

Puhutut kielet: englanti

Laitteet ja tarvikkeet






Yksityinen uima-allas








yksityinen pysäköintimahdollisuus













lasten syöttötuoli






















3 parivuodetta






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The villa is designed to stay cool in the summer when the sun is high in the sky with high speed fans in all bedrooms and lounge and warm in the winter when the sun is low

there is a wood burner and electric radiators.



Lentoasema (Málaga) - 50 kilometriä

Ranta - 15 kilometriä

Golf - 15 kilometriä

Kaupat - 7 kilometriä

Paikallisia vapaa-ajan viettomahdollisuuksia

Ostoskeskukset, pienkaupat, ravintolat, pubit, yökerho, kahvila, vesipuisto, satama, kirkko, puisto, markkinat

Paikalliset aktiviteetit

Pyöräily, sukellus, kalastus, golf, ratsastus, patikointi, vuorikiipeily, riippuliito, purjehdus, uinti, tennis, kävely


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Arvioinnit tästä kohteesta alueella Canillas de Aceituno (2)


arvioivat tämän asunnon 2.5/5 , päiväys 19. elo 2019

Tämä arviointi on kirjoitettu kielellä Englanti

I came back frustrated from my holiday. It was very disappointing and expected to have a lovely time. Although the villa was neat and clean at arrival you have to take in mind before booking 2 things: 1) There are only ceiling fans in the villa and it gets really really hot during the day. The ceiling fans do not help cool down the rooms at all so the house becomes absolutely boiling during the day. As the house has all it's windows facing the sun, the sun reaches all the way inside the house, without having any blinds or air conditioning it is impossible to be there. At night we also weren't able to sleep because it stayed so hot from the day so even though we opened all doors we were sweating!! This made our stay very unpleasant. There was no where to eat meals as it was hot in the house and hot outside! 2) The villa is on a rocky steep mountain and the owner writes it's a 7 min drive however for someone who doesn't live there this ride is a very very uncomfortable 20-30 minute ride, with cliffs on the side and no road markings, so even though you are given directions it is very complicated. Therefore we abstained from leaving during the day and at night it was too dangerous to drive without any street lights especially if you don't know the area, this is not a regular developed mountain. So we were stuck in the villa without night life or beaches to go to during the day..It got very boring to be there the whole day.. These are important factors to take in mind before booking, as I mentioned the villa is clean and neat as the photos display however it cannot be enjoyed from at least during summer months. And during winter months I feel it would be dangerous to drive there with bad weather. Also, I wanted to leave earlier due to these unknown factors however the hosts refused to give me back a full refund for the days I wouldn't be there. The hosts were very helpful when it came to showing us the area however very business minded so refused to refund and said we had a contract, so they showed no interest. I feel they should have let us leave early and give us back the nights we wouldn't stay after we had valuable reasons to leave instead they apologised and said there was nothing to do as we had a contract. Spain holiday said they couldn't help us as it's got to do between us and the owners. I also feel that there are nicer more pleasant places than Canillas de Aceituno in Spain. The mountain area was very dry and brown looking.

Omistajan kommentti

Please see my email to Jimmy Spain Holiday answering Sarah's many emails as follows: We are not surprised Sarah has contacted you as she said she would if we did not refund her two nights. We said it was entirely up to her if she wanted to give a bad review as we did everything in our power to assist her. In five years we have built up many repeat bookings and referrals therefore her threats of giving us a bad review and us loosing bookings did not work as we do not rely only on just advertising. She is the only person who has ever complained about the fans in five years of rental. We gave her a good deal for four nights and to be honest we did not want to take a last minute four night booking as we were in Almeria and had to forfeit a nights hotel booking as we had to return to prepare the villa as it was a same day changeover. We only usually accept seven nights but Sarah was persistent and we decided to give in. As for the tracks as she said she knew the villa was in the mountains, the photos are pretty clear. We also say this is the Real Spain and you will be driving on mountain tracks with goat herders. If you are a confident driver the tracks will not bother you, they are driven by both young and old. The area is very popular and is growing in popularity every year as it has stunning views and lots of activities. The village is definitely only seven minutes drive from the villa which is set in a lush Mediterranean garden. Sarah is referring to the 20 minute drive down the mountain to the coast. We had a six month rental from January to July this year and no way did the guests complain that it was dangerous driving in the winter. In fact they loved it so much they wanted to extend their stay but unfortunately we had already taken bookings for the summer months. On her second day she contacted us and said she wanted to leave one day early and we advised her she had agreed to our contract and the non refundable terms. However as a gesture we said we would give her 75€ which she did not want to accept, she then contacted us and said she wanted to leave two days earlier and have a full refund for two nights, which we declined. For your information the fans are expensive high speed ones in all rooms, we do not like air con., she acknowledged this. We have electric blinds in the master bedroom, and curtains in the other two bedrooms. No one has ever complained before about the lounge as it is cool up to mid afternoon and I guess if anyone has found it hot they have put one of the many umbrellas against the window for shade. Most guests are outside during the day where there are many shaded areas. Sarah and her family live in Gibraltar and must know how hot it get gets in August in Spain especially for four small children. I have replied to Sarah and I have already sent numerous emails and whatsaps! Many thanks Jimmy and have a good day. Julia

arvioivat tämän asunnon 4.5/5 , päiväys 22. kesä 2018

1 henkilö henkilöä pitivät tätä hyödyllisenä.

Tämä arviointi on kirjoitettu kielellä Hollanti

Wat een fantastische plek! Het uitzicht was enorm mooi, lekker uitkijken over de bergen, in de verte wat dorpjes, waaronder Comares wat prachtig op een heuvel ligt en in de verte de zee. De villa is goed uitgerust. De bedden slapen uitstekend en in plaats van zo'n vervelend lang kussen liggen hier echte, kleinere kussens. De villa heeft ook een goed uitgeruste keuken. In een vakantiehuis verwacht ik niet zo veel, maar hier was ruim voldoende uitrustingen ik hou van koken! De vaartwasser was wel wat gek. Die sloot niet "normaal" maar functioneerde gelukkig wel. Het zwembad is goed onderhouden door een zeer vriendelijke zwembadman, Miguel. De eigenaresse was zeer vriendelijk en we hebben goed contact gehouden via de whatsapp. Bij de kleine dingen waar we vragen over hadden kregen we altijd heel snel een antwoord of oplossing. De tuin van de villa is groot en we vonden zelfs citroenen in de tuin. Lekker. Wat wij van tevoren niet goed beseften was dat de weg naar de woning onverhard en steil was. Ik vond dat zelf spannend rijden, maar ik kan me voorstellen dat sommige mensen hier echt een probleem zouden hebben. Ik zou dit in de beschrijving van de villa opnemen. Wij hebben de villa gebruikt als uitvalsbasis naar Granada, Nerja, Malaga en diverse kleinere dorpen en natuurgebieden. Dit is ons goed bevallen, want na een tijdje rijden zaten we weer in onze heerlijke villa, lekker rustig te genieten van ons prachtige uitzicht en de rust. Wij vonden het absoluut de moeite waard en raden deze plek van harte aan als u geen problemen heeft met avontuurlijke weggen die leiden naar de villa.!

Omistajan kommentti

Thank you Erik and Karen for being the perfect guests, you looked after the villa as if it was your own. You have appreciated all the things the villa and area have to offer and have experienced the Real Spain. We feel it is a magical place and hope you will return again. All the very best for the future. Julia, Sharon and Miguel


€ 850 per viikko