Casas Montañas - Piso Restal 4P

Casas Montañas is a very authentic and lovely holiday house divided into 5 different apartments in the most beautiful surroundings, you can imagine. Here are, among others, a large.

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  • 2 makuuhuonetta
  • yöpyy 4
  • 2 kylpyhuonetta
  • 100 m² sisätila
  • Yleinen uima-allas
  • Ulkotila-jacuzzi
  • Sisätilan uima-allas
  • Wi-fi
  • Puutarha
  • Terassi
  • Terassikalusteet
  • Lämmitys
850£ 686$ 941
Per viikko
+45 31338730
+45 50567624

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Casas Montañas is a very authentic and lovely holiday house divided into 5 different apartments in the most beautiful surroundings, you can imagine. Here are, among others, a large.

Casas Montañas is a very authentic and lovely holiday house divided into 5 different apartments in the most beautiful surroundings, you can imagine. Here are, among others, a large pool, a spa / wellness area and a fantastic view.

Casas Montañas lies, as the name suggests, in the mountains. This beauty of a property is located in the lower slopes of the Pyrenees. To get to the house you have to follow some small winding roads, which means that it lies in completely private, quiet and beautiful surroundings. If you like fresh air and wonderful scenery, there are no other houses that fit better than this. Casas Montañas is divided into five apartments, which are rented separately. Here there are respectively an apartment for 8 persons, one apartment for 4 persons and two apartments for two people.

In this apartment, Piso Restal, where there is room for 4 people, there are two double rooms with two double beds in each. This is perfect for a family. Both bedrooms have their own en suite bathroom.

This apartment has a size of 100 m2. Overall it is arranged very authentic, and it is clear, that there is great respect for the original materials and structures. There are many small details that give a true Catalan atmosphere. The apartment has a small cozy sitting area with a fireplace and a TV, where you can read a book inside the shadows. Besides this there is a nice little dining room with a beautiful wooden table. Finally there is a kitchen with oven, dishwasher and other things. The apartment has its own patio area outside, where you can sit in the shade when it gets too hot under the sun. Here can the fresh mountain air and the quiet atmosphere be enjoyed. The best thing about the apartment is almost the breathtaking views that can be enjoyed in all directions. You can, especially in the evening hours, experience a wonderful calmness that is unique to the mountains.

There are two shared facilities that particularly stand out. Firstly there is the wonderful pool of an entire 40 m2, which has a fantastic view over the mountains and woods. Secondly, there is a very special spa / wellness area, which includes the following:

• "The Flotarium" - is a special t­­ub in which the water has a density equal to the Dead Sea - it means that one almost floats on top of the water. This is said to be extremely pleasant and relaxing.

• "Turkish bath" - is a kind of sauna where the temperature varies from 20 º C to 50 º C, depending on which height you are in. The relative humidity is at 99% and therefore there will be the typical "fog".

• "Sauna" - normal sauna, where hot rocks warms up the room to 80-90 º C

• Indoor pool and massage chair.

PRICE: One buys a card for 10 Euros containing 3 x 45 minutes, which you can freely spend in one or various of the activities. The card opens the door and activates the activity for 45 minutes and everyone who wants can join in the 45 minutes.

To sum up, it is a very authentic and great holiday home in peaceful and fantastic surroundings.

• 100 m2 holiday home in superb surroundings

• 2 double rooms with bathrooms en suite

• Very authentic furnishings

• Covered terrace with chairs

• Great location with stunning views

• Huge pool of40 m2

• Spa / wellness area with luxurious facilities




liinavaatteet, pyyhkeet


yleinen uima-allas, ulkotila-jacuzzi, puutarha, terassi, terassikalusteet, aurinkotuolit, ulkogrilli, autotalli


sisätilan uima-allas, Wi-fi, lämmitys, takka, dvd-soitin, tv, tietokone, silitysrauta, lasten syöttötuoli, pinnasänky


astianpesukone, pakastin, jääkaappi, mikroaaltouuni, uuni




2 parivuodetta


Vuoristonäköala, Uima-allasnäköala


lemmikkieläimiä ei sallita



Lentoasema (Barcelona): 95 kilometriä
Ranta: 95 kilometriä
Golf: 40 kilometriä
Kaupat: 15 kilometriä

Paikalliset aktiviteetit

pyöräily, golf, patikointi, vuorikiipeily, uinti, kävely


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24 elo 2015 10 heinä 2016 850£ 686$ 941 2 yötä
11 heinä 2016 27 elo 2016 950£ 767$ 1 051 1 viikko
28 elo 2016 08 heinä 2017 850£ 686$ 941 1 viikko
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